Seapora Media Reactor E Series

Seapora Media Reactor E Series

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The Seapora Media Reactor E Series by JNS is a specialized and flexible external fluidized media reactor that provides powerful supplementary filtration for marine and reef aquariums. Working with the media of your choice, this versatile unit can be used to control and eliminate odors, discoloration, nitrates, phosphates, and more. The Seapora Media Reactor E Series features a chamber capacity of 0.2 gallons, while the Large model boasts a 0.4 gallon chamber. Additionally, this reactor is specialized for use with in line, making this one of very few media reactors to work with canister filters.

To achieve maximum filtration efficiency, the Seapora Media Reactor E Series employs an up-flow design. It drives incoming water up the reaction chamber and through the filter media, while a lower dispersion plate ensures even water flow and eliminates dead spots. This reactor is sealed tight, to keep media from escaping into your aquarium.

The Seapora Media Reactor E Series is easy to install, operate, and maintain. Designed to last a lifetime, this ultra-durable reactor features sturdy construction and high-quality parts. It also includes top-mounted thumbscrews to enable quick access for cleaning and media replacement.

Please Note: pump and filter media sold separately.