Acclimation Procedure

Acclimation Procedure:


We recommend a float and release procedure. Float the fish in the unopened shipping bag for 15-30 minutes until bag temperature is the same as tank temperature. Open shipping bag and release fish into aquarium, being careful not to put shipping water into aquarium. We recommend keeping lights very low during acclimation to reduce stress.

Shipping water can become toxic to the fish very quickly when exposed to oxygen as ammonia levels rise. Customers that drip acclimate their fish void the guarantee and DOA policy. Acclimation boxes are extremely stressful for fish that feel they cannot hide or protect themselves in their new environment and customers that use acclimation boxes void the guarantee.

Coral and inverts:

Coral and inverts are much more sensitive to changes in water parameters. We recommend a drip acclimation procedure for all coral and inverts. Float the unopened shipping bags for 15-30 minutes to temperature acclimate. Once temperature of shipping water is the same as aquarium water proceed with drip acclimation. Certain coral get extremely stressed during shipping, so Triton Marine will not be responsible for additional stress or loss caused by improper acclimation or use of coral dips. Please contact us immediately with any questions or concerns upon receiving your shipment!