Coral Beauty Angel (Centropyge bispinosa)

Coral Beauty Angel (Centropyge bispinosa)

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The Coral Beauty Angelfish, Centropyge bispinosa, is also known as the Dusky Angelfish and Twospined Angelfish. They are found in the Indo-Pacific region. The Coral Beauty is notable for its gorgeous colors and the fact that is it very easy to care for. The face and body are a vibrant bluish-purple color, while the center is a bright orange with blue stripes.

These fish are omnivores and should be fed a mix of marine algae, angelfish food, and a variety of meaty foods. The Coral Beauty Angel does best in tanks that are at least 70 gallons or more and have plenty of live rock to graze on and hide in.

They are not ideal for reef aquariums as they are known for nipping at sessile corals and invertebrates.

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