Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator)

Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator)

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The Emperor Angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator, is also known as the called the Imperator Angelfish and Imperial Angelfish. These fish come from Indo-Pacific region. Juveniles have a dark body that has a dark spot near that tail that is ringed by circular lines radiating out that are white and bright blue. The lines become vertical when they reach the head. Adults look very different but are just as striking in their own way. Adults have a blue body with yellow horizontal stripes, a white mouth, and a yellowtail. There is a dark blue mask around the eyes and a unique pattern of blue and yellow on the head.

These fish are omnivores and require a diet including marine algae, mysis and brine shrimp, and angelfish food. They should be fed a couple of times a day.

Emperor Angelfish do best in an aquarium that is at least 220 gallons or more and that has plenty of live rock to graze on and lots of areas to hide in.

They are only considered reef safe with caution because they have been known to nip at clam mantles and softer corals.

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Tiny: Up to 1¼”

Small: 1¼” to 2”

Small-Medium:  2” to 2½”

Medium: 2½” to 3”

Medium-Large: 3” to 3½”

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Extra Large:  4” to 5”


Medium: 3” to 3½”

Medium-Large: 3½” to 4¼”

Large: 4¼” to 5”

Extra Large: 5” to 6”


Small: 2” to 2½”

Small-Medium:  2½” to 3½”

Medium: 3½” to 4½”

Medium-Large: 4½” to 5½”

Large: 5½” to 6½”

Extra Large: 6½” to 7½”

Extra Extra Large: 7½” to 8½”

Show: 8½” to 10½”