Frank's Aiptasia Killer 1oz

Frank's Aiptasia Killer 1oz

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Stir this product with included stir stick and then shake well before use. Turn off all power heads. Using included syringe, apply directly to aiptasia anemone and completely cover! Leave power heads off for 30 minutes or until product hardens. You can remove the hardened shell a few days later. Since I use this product at maintenance accounts that I am at once weekly, I don't usually remove the white 'cap' until the following visit.

If you've ever had aiptasia anemones in your prized aquarium, you'd certainly understand how this product got it's name! Aiptasia anemones can kill your corals and even small fish. They are capable of stinging and stressing even larger specimens that you desire. So why not just kill them??? F-Aiptasia Killer does that better than the other products on the market. F-Aiptasia Killer sticks to the aiptasia to deliver it's death blow to the anemone! If you have ever used other products, you may have noticed that it often causes the anemones to reproduce and you end up with more of them than you had before! So forget the idea about injecting aiptasia anemonies with boiling hot water and lemon juice. I think I'd reproduce, too if you poured some scalding water or lemon juice on me! ( lol )

Cover the anemones with this product and you will soon say F-Aiptasia like so many others have! And when used properly, F-Aiptaisa will not harm corals or other inhabitants! ( DON'T PUT ON CORALS!!! )