Lamarck's Angelfish (Genicanthus lamarck) Female

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The Lamarck’s Angelfish, Genicanthus lamarck, is also known as the Blackstriped Angelfish. These fish come from Indo-West Pacific region. They are white/silver with black horizontal stripes across the body. These are one of the few angelfish where the males and females look different. The stripes on the females are thicker than those of the males and males have a blue spot at the base of the pectoral fins.

These fish are omnivores and require a diet including marine algae, mysis and brine shrimp, and angelfish food. They should be fed a couple of times a day.

Lamarck’s Angelfish do best in an aquarium that is at least 125 gallons or more and that has plenty of live rock to graze on and hide in.They may chase smaller fish but will typically not pick on fish of their own size.

These angels are fairly hardy and are one of the few that are considered to be reef safe.

Approximate Purchase Size

Small: 1” to 1½”

Small-Medium: 1½” to 2½”

Medium:  2½” to 3½”

Medium-Large: 3½” to 4½”

Large: 4½” to 5½”